My name is Bev Scheider and I love to arrange, unpack, declutter,  and organize!

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As a military wife with three children and three pets, I experienced my share of disorganization!  Toys everywhere!  Dirty socks littering the house!  Adapting to houses not suited to our family.  Trying to do everything at once and always needing more time!  What a mess, but, I must admit, a fun mess!  Did I have a perfectly organized home that belonged on the cover of a magazine?  Most definitely not.   But through those experiences I discovered strategies that worked for me, along with a little empathy for those who face this on a daily basis.

Unpacking at a new location has been a familiar experience with 20 moves during my adult life so far.  I’ve learned some techniques that will get a house up and functioning as quickly as possible.  Along with that, I’ve learned how to arrange a home so that it is not only organized, but also an appealing & attractive place to spend some time.  We’ve downsized twice — once from a 3400 square foot home to one with 1600 square feet, and then down to a 1200 square foot condo.  Though the changes were challenging, I love my simpler life in the condo.

As a high school math teacher, I had to have lessons prepared for each day, work graded, tests made in advance, technology working, and an attractive, functional classroom where every student knew what was expected.  Organizing included files of ideas, worksheets, tests, papers from administration, electronic files, oodles of emails,  attendance, and about 120 incoming papers from students every day.  I also had to consider the spatial organization of my classroom — arranging desks, supplies, administrative signs, and spaces for students to turn in work.  After a classroom, running a home office seems quite simple!

So, now I’m ready to offer my strategies for survival to help you in your situation.  Give me a call at 512-966-0046 or send a message!