Downsizing or Move

Downsizing can be a frustrating experience.  Trying to cram too much stuff into a small space is no one’s idea of fun.  Having moved 20 times already in my adult life,  I can help you with all aspects of your move, except maybe carrying our boxes and heavy furniture!   My services include:


  • Looking at the new house plans and helping you prioritize your needs
  • Walking with you through the packing, sorting, and organizing required before a successful move
  • Being an objective pair of eyes & ears as you make important decisions
  • Helping you unpack and set up a new home
  • Providing you with a checklist of important things to remember in a move
  • Helping you get your current house clutter-free and ready to put on the market
  • Setting up ways to get the furniture and other items that you no longer want sold or donated


Moves don’t have to be stressful!  If you have someone by your side helping you each step of the way, you can be confident that all will go well.  Starting life in a new home has always been an exciting process for me.  Let me share my enthusiasm with you!