Home Office

Whether you are using your home office as a place to run a business, a place to pay the bills, or as a haven for reading & writing, I can help you set it up so it functions smoothly and meets your goals.  There’s nothing enjoyable about sitting down at a desk that’s piled with papers, old coffee cups, and random unopened pieces of mail.  There’s nothing relaxing about having to search through a stack of folders for that  one missing document.  I can help you bring order and peace to your home office.  Services include:


  • Setting up a workable user-friendly filing system
  • Working on paper management
  • Organizing your computer files
  • Helping with time management & prioritizing goals
  • Locating office equipment & supplies for easy access
  • Desk management that fits your personal work style and needs


A home office can be your favorite room in your house or a place you’d rather avoid.  I can help you make it a place that fits your needs and goals.