Time Management

There’s only so much time!  If you find that you are frequently late to appointments, taking on so many activities that you don’t have time to spend with your family, or procrastinating on tasks that seem boring or too difficult, you might need another pair of eyes or ears to help you define and then meet your goals.    Being part of a busy family can be a wonderful experience, but also a frustrating one when things seemingly get out of control.  I can help you discover what it is that’s keeping you from getting the most out of life.  Here are some of my services:


  • Helping you set priorities & goals
  • Helping you locate and use a calendar system that is perfectly designed for your situation
  • Finding ways that you can include your family in planning
  • Working through problems with you, such as procrastination, lack of focus, and missing deadlines
  • Helping you decide when and how to say “No!”


Having time to do everything we want to do is difficult in our busy lives.  I know I’ve taken on too much at times and been disappointed that I didn’t have the energy to do it all.  Indeed, there’s only so much time!